Export Focus

Final reports of the following research and development projects can be found at http://www.ausveg.com.au/infoveg/index.htm. You will need to log in or create a free account before searching for each project using the 'VG' code or project title. Other resources such as fact sheets and handbooks will be uploaded to this website and can be found by clicking the links under each project title.

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malaysia and uae market analysis and strategy: carrots and sweet corn (vg13047)

The objective of this study was to complete an analysis of the fresh carrot and sweet corn markets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Malaysia; identify and profile relevant supply chain participants that would assist growers to develop export trade networks; and prepare an R&D investment plan. Opportunity to grow the export market for carrots and sweet corn was identified in the UAE and additional commercial opportunity was also identified for carrots in Malaysia. A Three Year Market Development Investment Plan for Carrots UAE and Malaysia was developed.

Contact: Michael Clarke, AgEconPlus Pty Ltd

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malaysia and uae market analysis and strategy: babyleaf and beans (vg13046)

This feasibility study was carried out by Euromonitor International. Throughout the course of the research, a comprehensive inquiry has been conducted on local consumers' preferences via extensive consumer surveys and in-store interviews, followed by trade interviews and product placement studies. Trade networks and supply-chain participants between Australia's growers and offshore distributors in Malaysia and UAE were identified and profiled. Recommendations on the two markets by product are available in the report. 

Contact: Umesh Madhavan, Euromonitor International Ltd

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japan export symposium (vg13034)

An export symposium was held in Cairns to deliver a forum specifically designed to explore the opportunities the Japanese market presents while increasing the understanding of what the consumer is seeking in this market. Presentations from the symposium are available in the final report. 

Contact: AUSVEG

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Identifying market opportunities for australian vegetables in china (vg12095)

This project focused on exploring opportunities for Australian vegetables in China. Research was conducted among Chinese consumers, as well as local retailers, wholesalers, government and thought leaders. The target market for Australian vegetables in China is large and open to considering Australian produce. Modern channels such as hypermarkets and premium retail should be primary target channels. 

Contact: Bill Morgan, Cognition Research

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Exporting to china - a symposium for vegetable growers (vg12093)

The aim of the symposium was to deliver a forum designed to increase the understanding of the Chinese market and consumer, increase understanding of how to tap into the Chinese market and successfully conduct business.  Presentations from the symposium are available in the final report and are summarised in the factsheet. 

Contact: AUSVEG

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Domestic and export market access and trade viability issues - strategy to address (vg12042)

This project details a strategy to assist the Australian vegetable industry to open new domestic and export markets and make existing markets more viable. To deliver the strategy it was necessary to focus on three key issues: domestic and export impediments; relevant leviable products; and existing and potential markets. The final report includes case studies of export success, market analysis summaries, and an export viability checklist for growers.

Contact: Michael Clarke, AgEconPlus Pty Ltd

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Removing barriers of food safety certification for vegetable exporters through globalg.A.P CO-CERTIFICATION (VG16019)

This project supports the benchmarking of the Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Standard (FSQ4) against the internationally recognized GlobalG.A.P. standard. Successful completion of this benchmarking, and recognition of the Freshcare Standard by GlobalG.A.P., will help streamline compliance processes for Australian growers accessing export markets. The process is expected to be completed by mid-2017.

Contact: Clare Hamilton-Bate, Freshcare Ltd