Final reports of the following research and development projects can be found at You will need to log in or create a free account before searching for each project using the 'VG' code or project title. Other resources such as fact sheets and handbooks will be uploaded to this website and can be found by clicking the links under each project title.

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growing leaders 2015 (vg15030)

This National Vegetable Industry Leadership Program, develops skills of new and emerging leaders with a mix of theory, practical industry-based visits, and discussion panels with industry experts.

The program focuses on developing skills at three levels: personal, business, and industry. Therefore, all employees from all sectors of the industry, which includes growing, harvesting, processing, extension, exporters, importers, and marketing, are encouraged to participate. 

Contact: Rural Training Initiatives

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nuffield scholarships (vg14065)

Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships is a unique program that awards primary producers with a life-changing scholarship to travel overseas and study an agricultural topic of choice.

Owners or managers of vegetable businesses should be encouraged to apply for the scholarship on April 1,  2017.

Contact: Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars

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develop vegetable industry occupational health and safety resources (vg13053)

This project developed a suite of tools for growers to use to help them improve WHS practice on farm and in the packing shed. Approximately 1200 files of information have been provided on an easy-to-use carrot-shaped USB to 944 vegetable growers across Australia, called VegWHS. 

Contact: Luke Rolley, RM Consulting Group