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strengthened biosecurity for the vegetable industry - phase 1 & 2 (vg15020 & vg1103)

Biosecurity is an important issue for the vegetable industry, both in terms of protecting Australian farms from pests and diseases we yet do not have, and maintaining our pest-free status for international trade. It is also important for minimising the spread of pests and diseases internally in Australia.

AUSVEG have a range of resources that are useful in managing biosecurity. Please follow the link to the biosecurity section of the AUSVEG website to access this content.

Contact: Jessica Lye, AUSVEG

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managing biting fly, a.k.a stable fly, in vegetable crop residues (vg12022)

This project evaluated methods of preventing stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) development from vegetable crop residues. Recommendations were generated for industry and growers, which were incorporated into Vegetables WA’s (VWA) Good Practice Guide and reflected in the Stable Fly Management Plan (2013) within the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management (BAM) Act regulations to minimise stable flies. 

Contact: Don Telfer, Western Australian Agriculture Authority

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investigating on farm haccp programs for managing plant pests of biosecurity concern - an options paper (vg15051)

This project will see an options paper developed for a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points based biosecurity system to manage plant pests in Australia that are of concern to industry, and government biosecurity agencies. Initially, the paper will concentrate on some key pests for the vegetable industry; however the ultimate intent is that such a system would have broader use for the horticulture sector, and perhaps all plant industries.

Contact: Grant Telford, Biosecurity Solutions Australia Pty Ltd